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E-Learning days will be implemented if we experience any inclement weather days and need to cancel school. The state of Minnesota allows for districts to use up to five e-Learning Days per school year. Below are the key highlights to be aware of when an e-Learning day goes into effect:

E-Learning Day is a day where a school offers full access to online instruction provided by students’ individual teachers due to inclement weather.

E-Learning Days allow students to work from home, avoiding potentially dangerous commutes.

E-Learning Days are intended to counter the loss of curriculum momentum resulting from school cancellations due to Minnesota’s winter weather.

E-Learning Days can negate the need for makeup school days during breaks or at the end of the school year, helping families more effectively plan activities.

Students are expected to participate in E-Learning activities for all scheduled classes on the day the plan is used. Students who do not participate in planned activities are considered absent for the classes unless prior arrangements have been established.


The full E-Learning Plan can be found in the document linked here:

Elementary Choice Boards

For additional E-Learning days, students can pick a second choice from each subject area column.  



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