Judy Beckman- Kindergarten- Amazon Wishlist

Joyce Claypool- Kindergarten – Amazon Wishlist

Shannon Hayes- 1st Grade- Amazon Wish List

Sarah Pierson- 1st Grade- Amazon Wish List

Lisa Olson- 2nd Grade- Amazon Wishlist

Kellie Nordlof- 3rd Grade- Amazon Wish List

Andrew Pierson- 3rd Grade- Amazon Wish List

JJ Olson- 4th Grade- Amazon Wish List

Rylan Henrickson- 4th Grade  Amazon Wish List

Jeni Krause- 5th Grade- Amazon Wish List

Kemen/Castle–Grade 6- I Love to Read Week Prizes.

Kemen/Castle–Grade 6- Scholastic Book Campaign.

Kemen/Castle- Grade 6- Amazon Wishlist.

Leah Ojard- Title Reading and Math- Amazon Wish List

Nicole Fiala-Title Reading and Math (gr. 3-6)-Amazon Wish List

Breann Henrickson- Speech Pathologist- Amazon Wish List

Emily Pearson- Special Education- Amazon Wish List

Jennelle Lowes- Special  Education – Amazon Wish List

Your one stop shop to find out what fundraisers are going on in our school. Our teachers work hard to provide the best education possible for our students. You can help by donating to the teacher or class of you choosing through any of the following fundraisers.

Current door to door sales:

10th Graders are selling Pastry Puffins (similar to butter braids but 12 individual servings rather than the loaf). They also have ButterHearts and PuffCrust Pizza (see attached flyer). The price is $11 and sale end Friday November 12, 2021. Order from a 10th grader or contact Mr. Grover.

The 8th grade class will be doing their Pampered Chef Fundraiser November 1-14. Receive a free gift by ordering online.

The music department is selling World’s Finest Chocolate to raise money for their upcoming trip to Memphis and New Orleans. Find a LW HS band or choir member to get yours!!!

Shop/ donate online by clicking on the following links:

Mrs. Schwenzfeier –Grades 9-12 English- Donors Choose for books. Donate by January 23, 2022 

Ms. Kemen–Grade 6- Amazon Classroom Wishlist. Donate by December 31st, 2021


Annual fundraisers, sales or events:

12th Grade- Crepe Day- December 22, 2021

10th Grade- Pasty Puffins- November, Butter Braids- March

9th Grade- Pizza sales October-November

8th Grade- Pampered Chef- November

7th Grade- Christmas Wreaths November


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