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Wish Lists

classroom wish lists

Nicole Gate- Pre-School – Amazon Wish List

Judy Beckman – Kindergarten – Amazon Wishlist

Joyce Claypool – Kindergarten – Amazon Wish List

Shannon Hayes – 1st GradeAmazon Wish List

Sarah Pierson – 1st Grade – Amazon Wish List

Lisa Olson – 2nd Grade – Amazon Wish List

Laura Bonhomme – 2nd Grade – Amazon Wish List

Kellie Nordlof – 3rd Grade – Amazon Wish List

Andrew Pierson – 3rd Grade – Amazon Wish List

JJ Olson – 4th Grade – Amazon Wish List

Rylan Henrickson – 4th Grade –  Amazon Wish List

Jeni Krause – 5th Grade – Amazon Wish List

Andreana Nylander – 5th Grade – Amazon Wish List

Kemen/Castle – Grade 6 – Amazon Wish List.

Leah Ojard – Title Reading and Math – Amazon Wish List

Nicole Fiala -Title Reading & Math (gr. 3-6) – Amazon Wish List

Breann Henrickson – Speech Pathologist – Amazon Wish List

Emily Pearson – Special Ed. – Amazon Wish List

Jennelle Lowes – Special  Ed. – Amazon Wish List

Lexie Flores- Special Ed. –  Amazon Wish List

Liz Tange & Kathy Nordine – Music- Amazon Wish List

Wendy Storbeck- Art- Amazon Wish List

Erin Schwenzfeier- HS English- Amazon Wish List



Safe Routes to School


MN Safe Routes to School Initiative would like to hear your thoughts on students walking or biking to school.  This survey will take 5-10 minutes and can be completed once per household.