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Advisor: Mrs. Jennifer Moeller
Phone: 634-2510 ext. 1404

Yearbook Info

We package the memories of the school year for you: homecoming, sports, dances, school projects, clubs, graduation, prom!

Produced by a class of 21 students, the yearbook is full of high quality designs, both trendy and classic. The 2019 book will have 100 pages in FULL COLOR!

Our goal is to include each student, grade 7-12, at least 3 times, including your hobbies, your friends and your words.

We need 1 senior picture for the yearbook by the end of OCTOBER!

• Should be vertical
• We prefer digital images—via CD, thumb drive, or e-mail
• Can be a high quality printed picture, any size (a proof will work)
• Do not shrink your digital image before emailing! Must be high resolution (300 DPI)
• They do not have to be professionally done, but should be well done—good lighting and not blurry!
•Seniors may take a picture (one shot) with the school photographer when the K-11th grades take school pictures.

We need 1 sr. picture for the framed composite
that hangs in the commons

• This photo must be close-up, upper body or head shot!
• Can be the same one going in the yearbook
• Should be vertical, high quality 300 DPI, print or digital

BRING ALL 3 pictures to

Old Yearbooks

Extra copies of the 2018 yearbook are available for $45.00

Need to complete your collection or catch up on old memories?

2016 yearbooks $40.00
2015 yearbooks $40.00
2014 yearbooks $40.00
2013 yearbooks $40.00
2012 yearbooks $40.00
2011 yearbooks $40.00
2010 yearbooks $40.00
2008 yearbooks $30.00
2006 yearbooks $30.00
2005 yearbooks $20.00
2003 yearbooks $20.00
2000 yearbooks $20.00
Sorry! We do NOT have 2007 or 2009 yearbooks for sale.

To buy an old yearbook, see Mrs. Jennifer Moeller 634-2510 ext. 1404

How do I join Yearbook?
At Lake of the Woods High School Yearbook Journalism is a class that has been taught by Mrs. Jennifer Moeller since 1998.

The class is open to 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students as an elective and counts as an arts credit. If it does not fit into your schedule, 2nd and 3rd year students may take it as an independent study.

What do we learn in yearbook class?
Yearbook Journalism provides hands-on experience in yearbook production including digital photography, page layout and design, theme development, reporting, graphic design, and marketing. Students learn to use Adobe InDesign publishing software as they create the yearbook. They’ll also develop photography and photo editing skills using digital cameras and Adobe Photoshop.

Do we only make the yearbook?
Students also learn the basics of media and journalism learning to be roving reporters with a nose for news and an eye for the perfect picture. All students contribute to the production of the school newspaper, The Bears Unleashed. We also print a weekly announcement/ school update called El Oh Dubs, which the public can find posted around the school.

Can I be an editor?
Second and third year Journalism students take on leadership roles on our staff, such as editors and bookkeepers as they develop advanced skills in publishing, photo production, editing, and journalism.

See Mrs. Jennifer Moeller 634-2510 ext. 1404



Summer Building Hours

8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Monday - Saturday

The building will be closed on Sundays.