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School Forest

Baudette Area Forestry Involvement in Lake of the Woods School

    • May 2024:
      • The Baudette Area Forestry helped Big Bog State Recreation Area staff put on this event. Elementary students were taught about fire towers and fishing. They also toured the visitor center and the board walk where they learned about black bears and unique plants found in a bog. The kids were very engaged; the forestry staff enjoyed all the questions and excitement at each station. It was especially rewarding to help kids catch their first fish and hear that they wanted to spend more time outdoors with their family.
  • Forestry Vehicles & Smokey the Bear Presentation
    • May 2024:
      • The forestry staff brought two tracked vehicles and the Type 6 engine to the school. Smokey made a special appearance and had goodies to give out. The kids were eager to sit in the tracked vehicles, use bladder bags to spray plastic cups, get some temporary Smokey tattoos, and learn about what we do as wildland firefighters.
  • Other Events
    • 2023-24 School Year:
      • The Baudette Area Forestry staff made classroom visits where kids learned about animal and plant life cycles and forest management. There were crafts and learning activities that the classes enjoyed participating in.




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