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For future Lake of the Woods school students, there are two “in-school” options for pre-kindergarten school.  Please read through these descriptions to see which is the best fit for you and your student and if your student/family qualifies.

School Readiness

Operated and funded through Lake of the Woods School, our School Readiness classroom prioritizes Kindergarten readiness for 4-year-olds.  Enrollment is determined on a year-by-year basis, based on a number of factors:

– Number of applications

– Ages of applicants

– Funding opportunities

If your student does not qualify for certain types of funding (based on family income, age, etc.), the school may charge a fee for enrollment.  Fee schedule is as follows: 

Yearly Gross Family Income

            3 Year Old Preschool                           

4 Year Old Preschool


             $720.00 ($80/month)

$720.00 ($80/month)

$60,000 – $74,999

             $540.00 ($60/month)

$540.00 ($60/month)

$40,000 – $59,999

             $360.00 ($40/month)

$360.00 ($40/month)

$20,000 – 39,999

             $180.00 ($20/month)

$180.00 ($20/month)

$19,999 or less 

             $90.00 ($10/month)

$90.00 ($10/month)

Applications are accepted through June 15 with enrollment being determined by mid-July.  To apply, please fill out our enrollment forms found here:

 Enrollment Forms

Head Start

Head Start is a federally funded program that is operated by Northwest Community Action, independent from Lake of the Woods School, and runs a classroom in the school building.  While NWCA and LW School work closely with each other on enrollment, programming, transportation, etc. they are separate programs.  

To learn more about Head Start and apply for the program, visit:



Summer Building Hours

8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Monday - Saturday

The building will be closed on Sundays.