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The Post-Secondary Enrollment Options Program (PSEO) allows 11th and 12th grade students to attend a college or technical college, either full or part-time, at no cost to the student. The PSEO is designed to promote rigorous educational pursuits and to provide a wide variety of options for students.

For additional information pertaining to qualifications, high school graduation requirements, and how to apply see the Assistant Administrator. You may also contact the Post-Secondary Enrollments Options Program at (612) 296-4900 or the toll-free Enrollment Options Hotline a 1-800-652-9747.

Students who elect to enroll in a college credit correspondence course under the Post-Secondary Enrollments Options program may have a reduction in the number of courses they are enrolled in a Lake of the Woods. Credits will be awarded on the following basis: 1 college semester credit equals .75 high school credits. All grades earned under the PSEO program will be included in the student’s grade point average. Seniors must complete all correspondence courses by May to have those grades included in the final GPA. Credits will count toward graduation if an official college transcript is received by the Wednesday before graduation.



Safe Routes to School


MN Safe Routes to School Initiative would like to hear your thoughts on students walking or biking to school.  This survey will take 5-10 minutes and can be completed once per household.