COVID-19 Pool Policies/Procedures
The pool will be open to 50% capacity-80 people will be allowed in the pool/deck area. A waiver and voluntary assumption of risk must be signed and will be kept on file. This form MUST BE signed by a parent/guardian for swimmers under the age of 18 (these forms were mailed to all families and forms are available at the pool office or scroll to the bottom of this page.) There will be no swimming lessons, as it’s difficult to social distance in this environment. No face masks/gloves, as they are a potential hazard to swimmer s. They will only be used by lifeguards/safety personal in case of emergency. Also by staff for cleaning purposes.

Please practice social distancing.

Wash hands frequently.

If you have symptoms/test positive/or been exposed to Covid-19 within the last 14 days, please self-quarantine for 14 days.

Please self-report if you have symptoms/test positive/been exposed to Covid-19 to Pool Coordinator Lisa Beckstrand or Superintendent Jeff Nelson. This information will have to be reported to the Health Authorities. Also staff/patrons/swimmers will be notified. All information will be kept confidential.

No toys or goggles will be borrowed out. Kick boards/Noodles/Flippers will be disinfected after each use.
All non-family patrons should self-distance while on deck and in the locker rooms.
Exceptions for social distancing will be: rescuing a distressed swimmer, providing 1st aid or performing CPR. Also in the case of an emergency evacuation of the pool/pool area/locker room.
Cleaning: The pool deck/pool locker rooms will be cleaned at the end of the day.
Frequently used/touched items will be cleaned throughout the day.
Hand sanitizing stations will be available around the pool area.

Summer 2022 Pool Schedule Beginning June 1st, 2022.
Open Swim: Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday 12:30-3:00 pm; Tuesdays/ Thursday 4:00-8:30 pm.
There will be NO open swim times on Saturday and Sundays during the months of
June, July and August 2022.
Adult Swim: Tuesday, Wednesdays and Thursdays 5:00-8:00 am
Water Exercise Class: Mondays/ Wednesdays 4:15-5:15 pm
Schedule subject to change- Please refer to the pool calendar for specific days

Price List
Family Max-$12.00

Punch Card Prices:
Adult: $25.00
Student: $12.00
Preschool: $7.00

Swimming Lessons

July 11-22, 2022- Monday- Friday


9-9:30-level 1

9:30-10-level 2

9:30-10:15-level 3

10:00-11:00-level 4

Evening Lessons

July 11-29, 2022- Monday/Wednesday/Friday


6-6:30-level 1

6:30-7-level 2

6:30-7:15-level 3


August 1-4 2022

5:30-6:15 pm

Swim Lesson Costs:



Level 1-$30.00/$32.50

Level 2-$30.00/$32.50

Level 3-$35.00/$37.50

Level 4-$40.00/$42.50

Level 5-$40.00/$42.50

Level 6-$40.00/$42.50


 Private Lessons Cost:

Preschool-Level 3-$50.00

Levels 4-6-$60.00



American Red Cross Swimming Lessons Private/Semi-Private/Family Lessons

 Hours: 9:00 am-12:00 Noon

Call/Email the pool office to set up dates/times. 218-634-2735

ext. 1101/

Private/Semi-Private/Family lessons run for 5 days for 1/2 hour

Adult Water Comfort Class

This class is designed to help adults gain comfort in the water in a relaxed atmosphere. Individuals or small groups are welcome to call the pool office to set up dates/times. Classes will run for five 1/2 hour classes

Stroke Refinement

Adult swimmers interested in a class to help refine/improve their swim strokes, can call the pool office to set up class times. This will be an individual/small group class


Water Exercise

We use hand weight and resistance noodles for toning.  We also do lite cardio as well.

Water exercise facts:

  • Your body is supported-making exercises easier and less painful while you’re performing movements.
  • The buoyancy provided by the water helps to protect your joints from the shocking impact usually associated with exercising on land.
  • Resistance of the water against all your motions resulting in high workout intensities as compared to land exercises.
  • A massaging effect is created when your muscles are surrounded by water.
  • Water provides 12 percent more resistance than movements on land-without the gravitational stress and pain. Water exercise is adaptable to everyone’s desires, needs and abilities.
  • Non-swimmers can safely participate.
  • Water visually shields your body-for those participants feeling uncomfortable or awkward in normal exercise environments.
  • High calorie burning during and after a workout.
  • Your heart rate is slower making water exercise beneficial for pregnancy, obese and heart disease participants.
  • Renews your energy level as it releases your stress and tension
  • Water exercise is wonderful for participants with arthritis, back or other joint problems

Bear Cub Swim Club

The Lake of the Woods School Community Ed sponsored an elementary swim club for students in grades K-6. There was an awesome turnout of enthusiastic swimmers with 61 students taking part. During the swim club, swimmers were introduced to how a swim practice is run, stroke development of competitive strokes and good sportsman-
ship. Due to the COVID-19 situation, the swim club was unable to complete their schedule and did not get to hold their much anticipated swim meet. It was amazing to see how the swimmers improved each week. The Bear Cub swim club was coached by Penny Mio and Lisa Beckstrand, with additional help from Jennelle Lowes, Jeni Krause
and Sierra Castle.


Any questions please contact:

Lisa Beckstrand
Pool Coordinator
Pool Office 634-2735 ext. 1101


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