Name Email Position Website Ext.
Doebler, Tammie
Prevention Coalition
Fiala, Nicole
Read 180  1706
Grover, Matt  
High School Science 1622
Hasbargen, Carrie  
Media Center 1440
Hasbargen – Glowack, Rachel  
English & Spanish
Hasbargen, Katie  
Industrial Technology
Hazelton, Chad  
Athletic Director 1417
Hazelton, Dianna  
High School Math 1612
Health Office  
Tiarra Shaw 1522
Jerde, Patty  
HS Special Education 1623
Krause, Don  
High School Social Studies 1609
Laine, Bob  
High School Business Ed 1411
Laine, Diane  
High School Secretary 1421
Larson, Chad  
High School Math
Lowes, Jennelle
Special Ed 1635
Musker, Karis
High School English 1402
Moeller, Jennifer  
HS English/Journalism 1404
Nordine, Kathy  
Choir Office
Nordine, Michael
High School Social Studies
Novak, Brian  
HS Principal 1420
Olson, Jill  
Health/HS PE 1401
Paulson, Susan  
Prevention Coalition 1436
Perala, Rob  
High School Science 1619
Shaw, Tiarra  
Health Office 1522
Stenberg, DeeDee  
High School Social Worker 1704
Storbeck, Wendy  
High School Art 1130
Sugden, Marilyn
High School Special Education 1605
Tange, Liz  
High School Band

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