Name Email Position  Website Ext.
Anderson, Chelsea
Paraprofessional 1715
Beckel, Joyce  
Elementary Social Worker 1554
Beckman, Judy  
Kindergarten 1548
Castle, Bobby Jo
Sixth Grade 1630
Castillo, Mindy Paraprofessional 1730
Charlton, CeCe  
Community Ed. 1501
Cole, Brent
Enrichment Program/Asst. Community Education 1633
Cook, Tracy  
District Secretary 1421
Crandal, Muriel  
ECFE School Readiness 1564
Bonhomme, Laura  
Second Grade  
Fiala, Nicole  
Read 108/System 44 1706
Gate, Nicole  
ECFE School Readiness 1564
Hanson, Cindy  
ECSE 1727
Hasbargen, Carrie
Media Center 1440
Hayes, Shannon   
First Grade 1738
Hazelton, Chad  
Dean of Students 1515
Horntvedt, Pam
Headstart 1568
Johnson, Katy
Johnson, Tara
Paraprofessional 1746
Kemen, Amy  
Sixth Grade
Krause, Jeni  
Fifth Grade 1639
Lowes, Jennelle
Special Education 1635
Claypool, Cort  
Elementary Special Education 1744
Monson, Michaela Fifth Grade 1637
Nelson, Brenda  
Title 1 1715
Nelson, Brenda  
Second Grade 1743
Nelson, Jeff
Elementary Principal 1506
Nordine, Kathryn   
Nordlof, Kellie  
Second Grade 1743
Olson, Dawn   
Paraprofessional 1601
Olson, JJ   
Fourth Grade 1712
Pierson, Andy   
Third Grade
Pierson, Sarah   
First Grade 1740
Plutko, Stephanie   
Paraprofessional 1553
Shaw, Tiarra  
Health Office 1552
Slick, Megan  
Paraprofessional 1744
Spee, Leah   
Title 1 1715
Stanton, Colleen   
Kindergarten 1563
Storbeck, Curt  
Phy Ed 1135
Tange, Liz   
Elementary Music  
Zemke, Amber  
Paraprofessional 1636

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